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These are the Linda chronicles. A blog dedicated to the fight to save my mom’s life with cannabis medicine. A few years ago, I set off on this mission to help my mom who has a long list of health issues, heal with cannabis. She wouldn’t have it! Not until recently, and I made a post about it on our Kelly’s Green Lounge Facebook page.

Here is the post:

“Dear members,

This post is a long time coming…

When I opened the lounge 2+ years ago I cut the ribbon with the mayor of Clarington. It was a huge day for us at KGL, and, also for the small cannabis community in our area. A mayor cutting a ribbon at a cannabis lounge! 😮 

That day, I made a speech and in that speech I spoke about my parents and the stigma that still held them tight. I mentioned my mom’s health issues and how I wished, hoped, prayed, one day if I worked really hard, educated myself, and kept up my cannabis mission… she would hear my words and open her mind and heart to cannabis. 

That day has finally come.

Pictured here, is the first photo I have ever posted of my parents and my 13 year old son, Lion on this cannabis Facebook group page. This photo was taken at our first ‘Family Day’ at the lounge. Prior to this photo, we were age-gated, and, my parents had only ever been inside for about 1 minute and only at the front door.  Everything changed this day… on November 21 when they dropped by to surprise me for my birthday.

They were not expecting cannabis educator, Andrea RG to be here teaching with me about cannabis.  They were not expecting to see her sitting in between her 2 children talking about how cannabis is okay, and SAFE, for her children and others!! 

I received a text message within an hour of my parents leaving from my mom “Do you think if I tried cannabis for my arthritis it would affect my other medication?”

Of all of the ‘wins’ in my cannabis career, THIS is the one. The one I waited for all these years. The catalyst to start it all. And now, I am going to find a way for intentional cannabis use to improve (and possibly save) my mom’s life. 

Here’s my call to action!

Can you help me? There are over 3700 humans on this page. I know a lot of you are cannabis educators, experts, and medical patients. 

I have a list of my mom’s prescriptions, it is long. But, how many times have we heard these incredible stories of people becoming pharma-free because they used plant medicines to change their lives? (Jack’s Garage, Mend with Dignity, weekly Paceradio stories) Anyone want to take a crack at helping me with my mom? You bet your bottom dollar we will be documenting everything so we can show our success story. 

My mom’s name is Linda. She was born in Scotland. She used to be a dancer. She’s been a wonderful mother, wife, granny. And, she needs our help. It would be really amazing to be able to see her dance again. 

P.s. if your parents or someone you love still has this stigma against cannabis… hang in there! I NEVER thought I would be writing this post. 

Cannabis blessings to you!”


Dozens of comments of encouragement and stories of similar occurrences in member’s lives, made this post active for quite some time. Showing that, it’s a topic people want and need to discuss.

I will be updating this page each week with my mom’s progress, and with some tips and Ideas that I am using to help her.

This is a photo from when my family visited the lounge in November 2021.

We have several medical cannabis experts on TEAM LINDA!  This is Reveal Cannabis’ Andrea Meharg with her 2 children. This is the day that changed my mom’s life!

Here are posts I have made over the years in our Facebook Group, talking about the stigma my mom has with regards to cannabis.

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