About Kelly’s Green Lounge

Located in the quaint town of Orono in Ontario, Kelly’s Green Lounge is a cannabis-friendly establishment. It’s a humble local space where the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseur alike can unite in education, and in celebration of the plant. It operates with the belief that cannabis, in all of its many forms, can heal the planet.


A safe space for community building, learning, and sharing together, Kelly’s Green Lounge offers a wide variety of on-site and online programming, aimed to help people personally grow, while also growing their cannabis plants.

Kelly’s Green Lounge is more than just the walls of its “In Real Life Lounge”, like many cannabis businesses, it’s had to pivot its approach to reach its audience online, which has opened new opportunities to expand KGL’s reach globally. It’s online community features include exclusive videos and programmed content such as Elder’s Smoke Shack, brought to the cannabis community through the incredible educators and supporters at KGL.

Kelly’s Green Lounge was founded and is operated by Reverend Kelly Addison, who puts the cannabis plant at the centre of her personal and professional practice.

From medical cannabis education, to promoting small businesses in cannabis, Kelly’s Green Lounge represents the very best of the cannabis community, and seeks to unite people together in harmony, just as the plant would want for us.

About Reverend Kelly Addison

Credit: Jeff Buchanan Photography

Credit: Jeff Buchanan Photography

Reverend Kelly Addison truly embodies what she does as the founder and Managing Director of Kelly’s Green Lounge (KGL), a cannabis-friendly establishment quickly gaining notoriety within the cannabis community, and within its local community of Orono, ON.

Kelly is warm, welcoming, supportive friend to many, and she is deeply in love with cannabis. She is kind to everyone, and a big part of her impact is in spreading the kindness and love that the cannabis plant would want for us within the cannabis community.

Kelly brings a wealth of experience as an educator, counsellor, and builder of community to her work in founding KGL. She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and is studying plant medicines and other healing modes to add to her skill set. She has been practicing reiki on cannabis plants, saying “Goddess Bless” as she prays over them for a fruitful harvest. Motivated by the spiritual aspects of the plant, Kelly was ordained as a Minister in 2020, and holds “The Cannabis Church of KGL” as a celebration of unity, community, and respect for the cannabis plant and her divine properties.

For her role in advancing cannabis and advocacy for the eventual inclusion of cannabis lounges under The Cannabis Act, Kelly has been recognized in several media publications on the international stage. She has appeared on media across Canada, The United States, and also on Australian T.V. show Obsessed With.

Kelly’s goal in life is not not only save the planet through cannabis and hemp, but also to marry Jason Mamoa.