The KGL Network


When Kelly first had the vision of Kelly’s Green Lounge, she envisioned a central space near the GTA where people could come from near and far to experience the programming, events, and community of the lounge. For its first year, the Lounge was a thriving space, welcoming daily visitors and a multitude of events throughout the week.

When the world changed in 2020, we realized that there was an opportunity to extend the 4-walls of the lounge, and bring the vibe, programming, and offerings of Kelly’s Green Lounge into the virtual world. We had already been building an active online community through Kelly’s Green Lounge’s private Facebook group, and have continued that engagement through Instagram, YouTube, and other formats.

Now, we are proud to introduce KGLTV on a new platform along with the KGL Network!

Please relax and watch KGLTV or check out our other offerings. Indulge in your favourite cannabis, sit back, relax, and stay a while!

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Online Facebook Group

The online Facebook group is a private group dedicated to building a cannabis community based on kindness, sharing, and appreciation for the plant.

You’ll have to ask to be a member of KGL, and agree to abide by the rules of the group, and once you’re “in”, you’re IN!

Here you’ll find an array of programming online, as well as articles and posts shared by members of the Kelly’s Green Lounge community.

This is a place you want to be!

To get into Kelly’s Green Lounge on Facebook, click here.

YouTube Channel

Here we share videos of life in the lounge, as well as content that features cannabis education, explainer videos, and people just hanging out in the lounge.

This channel is under development and you can expect to see a lot more content coming out soon!

Access our channel here.


Join us on Instagram at @kellysgreenlounge to get some of Kelly’s favourite content, right from Kelly herself.

Kelly loves sharing content to the cannabis community. You can bet every single piece of content shared about cannabis has made her laugh, made her think, or has touched her heart, making her want to share this with her KGL community.