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Kingsville, Ontario, is about 5 hours away by car from our lounge in Orono. It’s in what they call the ‘southern most tip of our Ontario’, and, it is just about the most beautiful place I have ever driven through. The energy reading feels very comforting in this area and I’ve heard the growing conditions are so incredible, that people come from all over the world to produce things here.

When you’re driving along the highway on your way to Kingsville you start to see green houses, LOTS of Greenhouses and they are filled (some with shadows stretching right to the ceiling) of cannabis plants.

Heaven on earth, some will say…

Kingsville is also the place where the prophet Jack Kungel has his garage, and that doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

5 hours, 6 hours, 50 or 60 hours! I would have driven them all to seek the answers I went to find when I ventured to Jack’s garage on a sunny spring day at the end of March.  

I had been counting the days until I could travel to see him. Jack, and I, had appeared together on a podcast in 2020, this was the start of a friendship which I have come to recognize has changed my life.


The documentary Jack’s Garage is a film from the production company “Amazing ain’t it Entertainment” with Kim Saltarski as the Director/Producer and Karen Wookey as Producer. The film can be found at  The team behind this incredible recorded story was looking to share the message of cannabis healing.  Kim is also a cancer survivor who used cannabis as a method of eradication. They found Jack along the way when filming a separate group of healers, and felt too that there is something different and special about this man.

I needed to know.

I felt it every single time I spoke to him, read one of his posts, saw his videos, LIVES, comments, and, well, anything to do with him. What was this energy?

As I travelled down the long country roads in southern Ontario, I couldn’t help but feel like I was on a pilgrimage, a quest to find answers on my own spiritual journey. People travel from all over the world to meet Jack, they’ve heard of his methods of healing, his alternatives to western medicine. I’d soon get to experience why.

Jack Kungel has revelations, and knowledge, and I am lucky enough lead a community that needs to hear his voice. Visiting Jack was the next piece of The Cannabis Church of KGL’s spiritual puzzle, seeking answers and truths that will help us to help others in our community.


A “Hippie” is an affectionate term I give to members of my tribe, and, I find myself seeking out those that fall in to this category. They are my people, with their free spirited natures, and their love for the earth and our magical plant. I found a kindred spirit in the kind eyes that greeted me when I arrived at his home.

Jack, is so many things; healer, teacher, guide, musician, friend, and yes, hippie. His energy, and the energy in his home (which is filled with his hand-carved wooden pieces), and garage, is welcoming and enveloping. I felt at home, immediately, like I had been there before and like I was supposed to be guided by this man. Just like many before me had.

“My bedside manner sucks” Jack tells us as he passionately uses curse words to explain how he councils people coming for help. There’s no ‘beating around the bush’ here, these people often come to Jack when they have been given their letter from the Grim Reaper and there just isn’t time left for formalities.

Jack holds the cannabis oil that has helped save many lives

Jack holds the cannabis oil that has helped save many lives

Jack’s method of combining cannabis medicine and removing ALL TOXINS from your life and body, is what has proven the most affective in healing. And, it’s not just the list of NINE categories of food you have to remove (pretty much everything we, as humans in the Western world, consume). It is the bad marriage, the bad job, the toxic humans, or situations you are in. Remove it from your life, heal yourself.

There is NOT A DOUBT in my mind that Goddess saved Jack’s life so he could spread his message, and, continue on his mission. I believe Jack is here to be the one to save us, now. We need to learn from Jack. We need to follow his example, all of us do.


According to Webster’s dictionary a prophet is;

·         one who utters divinely inspired revelations

·         one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight

·         one who foretells future events : PREDICTOR

·         an effective or leading spokesman for a cause, doctrine, or group

To me, to my beliefs, and everything I know and feel in my soul, Jack Kungel is a prophet. When I visited Jack I asked him 2 things; One, would he be my best friend (I made him a bracelet) and he put it on right away. Two, would he join The Cannabis Church of KGL as a board member. He accepted this position right away too. 

We asked him one more thing too, and I needed to know if he was on board with what we are doing before I could announce this to you because here it is:

Jack Kungel rolls a doobie inside his Kingsville, Ontario Garage - where amazing things happen!

Jack Kungel rolls a doobie inside his Kingsville, Ontario Garage – where amazing things happen!

The Cannabis Church of KGL officially recognizes Jack Kungel as a Prophet of our church which holds a spiritual designation of Cannabis.

Thank you, Prophet Jack Kungel for all you do for humans and the cannabis plant!

Best friends, Jack Kungel and Reverend Kelly

Best friends, Jack Kungel and Reverend Kelly

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