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Written by Lisa Marie Fogg

Imbolc is a pagan holiday celebrated at the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is celebrated on February 1st- 2nd and is based the Celtic Tradition of St. Brigid’s Day.

A VERY brief history of Brigid’s Day


Brigid was a Celtic Goddess of Spring and her name is derived from the Indo- European root “high.” So, if that’s not a sign to incorporate Cannabis into your celebration, I don’t know what is.

Brigid is known as a fire goddess in Celtic tradition, and had a connection with the sun. Since Imbolc is to symbolize the time when the sun returns to this Earth, it makes sense that this spring tradition is her holiday.

Spring is associated with new beginnings, fertility, and light. I know I could use some more sunshine in my life right about now.

5 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

I’m sure we are all ready to welcome Spring at this point and could use some longer, brighter days. Here are five ways that I have found to be the most practical to celebrate Imbolc, especially if you are new to the spirituality or Celtic mythology scene.

1.    Light candles to symbolize the light of Spring approaching.


2.      Bake bread, eat nuts, dried fruits and dairy. These are traditional Imbolc foods. Of course, there are ways to incorporate Cannabis into your baking. Such as infused butters.

3.      It may be too early to start planting your garden, but you can plan what you would like to grow this year as well as gather the supplies for you outdoor Cannabis grow.

4.      Spring cleaning. There is nothing better than decluttering your home and opening some windows for an hour or so to let the fresh air flow through.

5.    Light incense and/or use essential oils in the scents of cinnamon, cedar, peppermint and lavender. There are more scents associated with Imbolc, but I find these are the easiest to come by.

 There is so much history about St. Brigid and Inbolc that I cannot even begin to touch on in a short blog, but I encourage you to visit the websites I have listed below. That is where I found most of my information and there are some great Celtic Mythology pages.


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Book: Ilewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials, Imbol Rituals, recipes and Lore for Brigid’s Day



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