KGL’s 2022 Women of Cannabis Calendar


Following the 2021 Men of Cannabis Calendar,

KGL’s 2022 Women of Cannabis Calendar will be officially launching on October 17th 2021 on our 2 year anniversary (and cannabis legalization’s 3 year anniversary!).

After the year we’ve all had, we are excited to showcase some of the magnificent souls that have been making moves in Canadian Cannabis! Get your hands on this exclusive calendar today, and be a part of something Beautiful!


Who’s in the calendar?

JANUARY – Danyka Dunseith

FEBRUARY – Caryma S’ad

MARCH – Nadia Rehman

APRIL – Jacqui Childs

MAY – Mimi Cannabis (Michele Parotta)

JUNE – Nikki Lawrence

JULY – Marijane Baker

AUGUST – Katelynd Kuhar

SEPTMEBER – Stacy Bobak

OCTOBER – Lisa Fogg

NOVEMBER – Angie McGrath & Kara Lee Blight

DECEMBER – Latoya Elliott


Thank you to all who participated.